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Why Choose Relius
We believe Relius is the only choice when you are looking for a service provider to manage all your vessel's integrated systems.

Relius Marine believes that transparency is the professional way in managing your boat. From making sure you understand our billing statements and the true cost of services to knowing subcontracted service providers working with Relius. 

Relius empowers our customers as part of the solution in total vessel maintenance. Items like prioritizing service requirements by criticality and budget goals for the vessel, and open communication and electronic scheduling to ensure the owner never has to question current status or future commitments

Each vessel has detailed Vessel Maintenance Service records kept for your access as requested. Information such as; parts numbers, serial numbers, equipment hours, service dates, and service issues and observations to mention a few. 

Relius is committed to annual goals aimed at reducing the cost of ownership for your vessel, our goals include;

- Annually negotiating with our suppliers for cost reductions or cost avoidances
- Sourcing new suppliers for a competitive edge
- Streamlining maintenance and service processes to reduce labor hours
- Equipment upgrades to effectively improve quality and reduce labor cost
- Price materials off wholesale cost not retail costs

Boating should be a pleasant and stress free activity, Relius makes it happen! 

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