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Why Choose Relius

Relius believes that by investing in technology we provide a higher level of customer service. Be older Vessel Technology or todays fully intergraded Smart Technology, without the correct tools it is imposable to complete the job correctly. 

On average, we invest $4,300 annually upgrading or investing in new tool technology, these investments actually reduce Labor Costs to your clients.


The devil is in the details... transparency is the Relius way. From helping you understand our billing statements and the true cost of ownership to knowing what subcontracted services are working with Relius. 

No unexpected invoiced items. All Service issues are discussed before acting upon.


We invite our customers to be part of the solution in total vessel maintenance. Items like prioritizing service requirements to meet budget goals, communication and electronic scheduling to meet expectations, and promote your participation in service issues to fully understand the workings of your vessel systems. 

Vessel Maintenance Service records 

Service Records are kept and accessible on your request. Information such as service parts numbers, serial numbers, equipment hours, service dates, and service issues to mention a few recorded items.

These documents have help Relius's customers realize higher listing prices when selling their boats !

Boating should be a pleasant and stress free activity, Relius makes it happen! 

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